HOME COUNTRY with Slim Randles is a new syndicated radio show especially for Country and Classic Country radio stations.

Home Country has just added new affiliates in Kansas City – KCLX  AM & FM- and Country Legends KTPK-FM Topeka Kansas. along with KLOA-FM in Lancaster/Palmdale California.  Also new are stations in Nashville and middle Tennessee (September 1).  When the Country Music Capital of the World signs on…well that’s humbling.

Home Country has now added an optional 2nd hour. Now there are 2 hours of original programming on Home Country each week.

Here’s some actual show segments from recent Home Country episodes. As you’ll hear, Slim Randles is the consummate storyteller. And we hear from our affiliates that audiences are loving it.

This is the opening segment for August 11, 2016 Home Country (telescoped):

Here’s the opening segment of Home Country for the July 16-17 weekend:

Here is the final segment of Home Country for the weekend of June 25-26 with Slim Randles hilarious story about “Dipping Ducks”:

Home Country segment with Slim’s take on “Dogs With Issues”:

Contact Syndication Networks at (800) 743-1988 to reserve Home Country for your station and market.