HOME COUNTRY with Slim Randles is NOT your typical weekend Country music show. 

Home Country is different. Much different.

We’re a story-based show much like Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon…only we’re a country version. The host Slim Randles is a master storyteller. And each week he takes his listeners on a journey to Home Country with great original stories, some down-home humor and a positive outlook on life.

All of it wrapped around some great Country music.

Home Country tells good entertaining stories that your audience will love and your advertisers will buy.

This is weekend radio that’s engaging and original. There’s nothing else like it on the air.

Here’s some actual show segments from recent Home Country episodes. As you’ll hear, Slim Randles is the consummate storyteller.

We all know that fishermen can spin some stories about the one that got away. Slim Randles tops that with this yarn about a world record catch:

Here’s an absolutely beautiful story by Slim Randles about a tranquil lake in the woods. Stories like this make your radio station stand out.

And another fishing story. Anyone in your audience into fly fishing? You bet they are. Here’s a great fly fishing story:

Each week Slim Randles takes listeners on a visit to meet the folks that live in the town called Home Country. You’ll find that the people in Home Country are just like the real people in your community – and in your audience. Here’s Slim’s heartwarming story about people who dance through our lives and make our lives better: 

Slim Randles and a true story about a wildlife encounter that also gives us a life lesson:

According to Home Country fans here’s the most talked about, most requested segment on Home Country. It’s a character by the name of Windy Wilson. We call Windy our “cowboy philosopher” and he shares his somewhat quirky insights on the world around us every week on Home Country. And he does it while, shall we say, compromising the English language. Listeners absolutely love Windy. Here’s a sample:

Want more?

Here is the final segment of a Home Country show with Slim Randles hilarious story about “Dipping Ducks”:

Home Country segment with Slim’s take on “Dogs With Issues”:

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