HOME COUNTRY with Slim Randles is NOT your typical Classic Country music show. 

Home Country is different.

We’re a story-based show much like Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon…only we’re a country version. The host Slim Randles is a master storyteller. And each week he takes his listeners on a journey with great original stories, some down-home humor and a positive outlook on life.

All of it wrapped around some Classic Country music.

We’re not a “countdown” show or a Classic Country review show. Radio is in the entertainment business and we produce entertaining, fresh radio each week.

Home Country tells good stories that your audience will love and your advertisers will buy.

This is weekend radio that’s engaging and original. There’s nothing else like it on the air.

Home Country has just added it’s 58th affiliate and we are one of the fastest growing syndicated radio shows in the USA.

Home Country has now added an optional 2nd hour. Now there are 2 hours of original programming on Home Country each week.

Here’s some actual show segments from recent Home Country episodes. As you’ll hear, Slim Randles is the consummate storyteller. And we hear from our affiliates that audiences are loving it.

SPECIAL! SPECIAL! Here is Home Country’s 4th of July show saluting America. Please enjoy.

Here are some telescoped samples of Home Country from recent shows:

This is the opening segment for August 11, 2016 Home Country (telescoped):

Here’s the opening segment of Home Country for the July 16-17 weekend:

Here is the final segment of Home Country for the weekend of June 25-26 with Slim Randles hilarious story about “Dipping Ducks”:

Home Country segment with Slim’s take on “Dogs With Issues”:

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